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Geeks in the Pink

>> • icons by PRI and MOLLY

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ABOUT: Geeks In The Pink is the combined icon journal of Molly (searchtheskies) and Pri (blackbird_fly). Icons featured will be from many different fandoms in film, television, music, and general celebrities.

POSTS: We have a detailed index of all subjects posted. The layout of the community is not S2, but all entries are tagged anyway. All posts also are in the memories section as well, sorted by maker and date.

FRIENDING: Do not attempt to join the community. Please add it to your friends list to watch it.

CONTACT: Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to e-mail us anytime. Comments in our personal journals regarding our icons are welcome, if necessary.

1. CREDITING: All icons that are made and posted in this community are property of Molly or Pri. If you plan on using one, please credit geeksinthepink or the correct username (blackbird_fly or searchtheskies) in your keywords and/or comments. If you are unsure of how to credit, please refer to this tutorial.

2. COMMENTING: Please comment in our posts with which icons you're taking. It's not an ego thing, we just like to know if and when our icons are being used. We may not respond to your comments all the time, but we appreciate each and every one of them.

3. HOTLINKING & STEALING: Don't do it! Don't know what it is? Learn more about what it is and why it is wrong. Don't post our icons on Greatest Journal, Xanga, MySpace, or any other sites. Don't pass our icons off as your own. Each one took a great deal of time and effort, though it may not always show it.

4. EDITING: No editing is to be done on any icons, and textless icons are not bases.

5. NOMINATING: We would LOVE any nominations! It means the world to us when our icons are recognized. After the affiliates section, you can find a list of great award communities to nominate any icon-maker in.

AFFILIATES: If you are interested in affiliating with Geeks In the Pink, please leave a comment at this post. If any of these journals are dead at any given time, they will be deleted from the list. If a community is deleted in error, please comment at the same post and we will gladly add you again.
__famousiiicons __iiicons _beautifunk _rockthenight 3am_icons 50music concoct creatology crushedviolet delectable_icon disappearicons flaire_icons glambomb icons_by_ashley iconsinstereo italian_jewels julia_thorne13 laughtur love_nest loveaffairicons mosaic100 my_own_100 nohairforoil personified_ petticoatrow showgirldesigns vibrant____ lushicons_xx

RESOURCES: Molly's resource post is well-detailed and up-to date, while Pri's simply isn't. If one of us hasn't credited you for something we've used, please comment at our individual posts and we will gladly add you.

AWARDS: As stated above, we love nominations. Every now and then, we need a pick-me-up, so we look at our list of awards we've won. Here is a list of awards communities that you should be aware of, I haven't come across an iconmaker that doesn't appreciate nominations.
100pixel_awardsfandom_awardsgg_awardship_squaresminortv_awardsneptuneawards • Did we forget a community? Comment on any post, and we'll add it here!

PROMOTION: We would love any promotion that you are willing to give. Please use the following banners, buttons, and/or links.


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13 going on 30, aaron ashmore, adrian grenier, alias, american idol, amy poehler, andy samberg, arrested development, bend it like beckham, billy joel, boy meets world, bradley cooper, bright/hannah, can't hardly wait, celebrities, channing tatum/jenna dewan, chris meloni, chuck/blair, communities, conan o'brien, dan/serena, derek/meredith, desperate housewives, disney, dr. george o'malley, dr. mcdreamy, dvds, eating, edward/bella, entertainment weekly, entourage, everwood, ferris bueller's day off, food, francis capra, freddie, friday night lights, friends, gael garcia bernal, garden state, gavin degraw, geek in the pink, gilmore girls, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, heavier things, hugh grant, icon challenges, icons, idina menzel, ipods, jason dohring, jason mraz, jeff buckley, jeremy piven, jess mariano, jess/rory, jim/pam, jimmy fallon, john cusack, john legend, john mayer, kristen bell, lane/zack, lauren graham, law and order: svu, lazy sunday, livejournal, logan echolls, lost, love actually, luke/lorelai, making icons, mariska hargitay, maroon 5, meredith/derek, michael vartan, milo ventimiglia, monsters inc, movie trailers, movies, mrazzy, music, never been kissed, patrick dempsey, peter gallagher, pictures, rachel bilson, rachel mcadams, rent, romantic comedies, room for squares, ryan gosling, ryan seacrest, sandy/kirsten, saturday night live, say anything, serendipity, seth/summer, sex and the city, snl, step up, sydney/vaughn, taye diggs, that 70's show, the notebook, the oc, the office, the office (us), tidina, tom hanks, troy vandergraff, twilight, two weeks notice, veronica mars, weevil, will arnett, will tippin

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