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Molly #8 - 83 Icons

It's been a while again. I really should work on posting more often.

While making these icons, I realized how much I miss The OC season one, Veronica Mars season one, and Gilmore Girls season one. I also realized that I love Christmas episodes of my favorite TV shows.

My resources can be found here. I updated the post pretty recently, but I'm still not sure if it's complete.

73 multi-fandom icons under the cuts.

Basic Rules
Comment, credit (tutorial), don't direct link or edit, and don't pass off as your own or use on non-LiveJournal sites. In-depth rules can be found here.

21 Grey's Anatomy (+ Kate Walsh & TR Knight)
19 The Office ( + John Krasinski & Jenna Fischer)
18 Veronica Mars
10 Dawson's Creek
10 Gilmore Girls (+ Lauren Graham)
05 The OC
83 Total

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Grey's AnatomyCollapse )
The OfficeCollapse )
Veronica MarsCollapse )
Dawson's CreekCollapse )
Gilmore GirlsCollapse )
The OCCollapse )

Please comment if you take any! And nominations are always welcome. :D
Tags: *molly, dawson's creek, gilmore girls, grey's anatomy, lauren graham, the oc, the office, veronica mars
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