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Molly #7 - 73 Icons

Let me start out with an apology. I haven't posted since September. I suck. But I do have a reason. Sometime in October, my computer crashed and I pretty much lost everything, including my downloaded version of PSP. It took me until December to get a new graphics program. One of my lj friends sent me Photoshop 7.0. I was so happy to have it, but it took me forever to get the hang of the program. I wasn't happy with any icons until about a month ago. After that, I started making icons more regularly. And when school let out for the year last Wednesday, I went kind of icon crazy. I'm still in the learning process of PS, but I think I'm liking my results. Anyway, these icons are totally different from my old style and I hope you guys like them!

My resources can be found here. I updated the post today, but I'm still not sure if it's complete.

Hover over the icon to read the text. For Mac users that can't hover but want to read the text: In Netscape, you can Control-click whichever icon, and choose Properties, and it tells you what the alternative text is.

73 multi-fandom icons under the cuts.

Basic Rules
Comment, credit (tutorial), don't direct link or edit, and don't pass off as your own or use on non-LiveJournal sites. In-depth rules can be found here.

31 The Office
17 Veronica Mars (includes 1 Kristen Bell icon)
14 Gilmore Girls (includes 7 Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham icons)
11 Everwood
73 Total

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The Office
Almost all Jim & Pam (includes 1 Jim/Jenna Puma ad) with 3 Jim and 1 Dwight.

01. textless 02. make this go on forever (snow patrol) 03. textless 04. none 05. please forgive me if i act a little strange (please forgive me - david gray)
06. i had to tell you just once 07. you, lost and lonely you, soft (just like heaven - katie melua) 08. i came to see the light in my best friend (congratulations - blue october) 09. can't you see that i'm in love with you (just like heaven) 10. i love you
11. i'd follow you down a sinking ship if you would stay (falling - four star) 12. i came to see the light in my best friend (congratulations) 13. =it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah (hallelujah - jeff buckley) 14. textless 15. look at her face, she's crying (look at her face - the coral sea)
16. i kissed her in a style clark gable would have admired (clark gable - postal service) 17. breathe me (sia) 18. tell me if it's wrong to be so mad about you (mad about you - hooverphonics) 19. and here we go life's waiting to begin (the adventure - angels and airwaves) 20. to your heart
21. there could be nothing better (nothing better - postal service) 22. mad about you 23. (clark gable - postal service) 24. (clark gable - postal service) 25. just like heaven
26. textless 27. textless 28. (loves pam) 29. jim 30. textless (puma ad)
31. dwight

Veronica Mars
Includes 1 Kristen Bell

32. textless 33. veronica mars 34. veronica mars 35. mars 36. time flies tomorrow (paul westerberg)
37. mars 38. look at her face she's crying (the coral sea) 39. where'd you go (fort minor) 40. you saved me 41. textless
42. hold me now, don't start shaking (hold me now - the polyphonic spree) 43. i will try to fix you (fix you - coldplay) 44. together // logan and veronica 45. textless 46. textless
47. logan echolls // (charm attack - leona naess) 48. bell

Gilmore Girls
Includes 7 Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham

49. textless 50. girls just wanna have fun (cyndi lauper) 51. textless 52. gilmore girls 53. textless
54. life in slow motion somehow it don't feel real (slow motion - david gray) 55. textless 56. oh how i'll feel like such a beautiful child (beautiful child - rufus wainwright) 57. look at the stars look how they shine for you (yellow - coldplay) 58. textless
59. textless 60. textless 61. we are the beautiful people 62. all your life you were only waiting for this moment to be free (blackbird - the beatles)

All from the finale (except one that's from season 1 but was also in the E/A finale montage)

63. (ruins - george is jones) 64. textless 65. i am an ending at the beginning (ruins - george is jones) 66. this year's love had better last heaven knows it's high time (david gray) 67. i don't want to make you sway (the perishers)
68. textless 69. (ruins - george is jones) 70. just like heaven (katie melua) 71. textless 72. textless
73. textless

That took way longer than I expected. I forgot how tedious these posts are. But it's definitely worth it to finally post after so long. Looking at these icons, I realize The Office icons all look the same. *shrug* I hope you like them anyway.

Please comment if you take any! And nominations are always welcome. :D
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