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Welcome to Geeks in the Pink! Here are the current rules to abide by. They are subject to revision at any time.

1. All icons that are made and posted in this community are property of Molly or Pri. If you plan on using one, please credit geeksinthepink or the appropriate username (blackbird_fly or searchtheskies) in your keywords. A tutorial on how to do so can be found here.
2. These icons are NOT to be used on Xanga, MySpace, or other blog-type sites without our permission.
3. Commenting on the posts if you're taking icons is GREATLY appreciated, but not necessary.
4. No editing is to be done on any icons, unless specified otherwise (ie: icon bases).
5. No direct linking.
6. Please don't pass any of these icons off as your own. Each one took a great deal of time and effort, though it may not always show it. Don't submit these to other websites or communities without asking first.

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