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Pri #15 - 75 Icons

• I know I haven't posted in a really, really long time, and I apologize. For once, I don't have a massive 100+ icon post for you, instead, I have a few icons from my biggest fandom right now, American Idol.
• Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post, I never expected to get 50 comments, let alone 350+! It really felt great! I'm definitely not expecting anywhere near that amount on this post, but I'm happy with how most of these came out. I tried my hardest to have them posted by the start of the semi-finals.
• I hope you enjoy them, and to those who are watching the community that aren't fans of the show, I hope to have a batch of icons from the following fandoms in the near future (hopefully not 6 months!): Dancing With The Stars, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, SNL, The OC, The Office, and Veronica Mars.

24 Season 6 Top 24
14 Miscellaneous Contestants
15 "Robbed" Contestants
22 Judges & Ryan
75 Total

Comment with what you take and/or if you like them.
Credit either blackbird_fly and/or geeksinthepink.
Don't hotlink! Seriously, don't do it, it's just plain mean.
• Don't edit / pass off as your own / use on non-LiveJournal sites (Xanga, GreatestJournal, etc.).
Friend the community if you like what you see!
• Tell me what you think of my icons (anonymously or not) in the Icon Truth Meme!

• Past icons can be found in our index.
• Nominations are greatly, greatly appreciated (see a list of award communities in the community information)!

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These are hilarious! Snagged Sanjaya <3, The Hotness (LOL) and a couple of Rymon ones. ;)
Taking #21, thanks! Will credit!
I love them
I took the ones of my favorite contestants plus a couple of the other ones
these are the first batch of AI6 ones ive seen and i LOVE them but im gonna nab some of your other ones fer now (seacrest = <3) and add your page to mems. thanks a bunch!!
taking 27, 34, 35, 64, and i'll be sure to credit. thanks!
taking marisa rhodes one, thank yoooo! xx
p.s #38: SO true ;_;
Took AJ, Blake, Chris S., Eccentric, one of Ian, and Simon touching himself. Thanks!
love them! I'll grab some once I pick my favorites.
Taking a bunch and will credit! Thanks!!!
pri, you're perfect.

favorites are:
34, 40 [brian :'( ], 59, 60, and 65. Not sure which ones I'll take yet, but it'll be one or more from those.
Love these so much! Taking a few! THANKS! (Will credit, of course!)
Took the Jordin icon. Thanks so much!
Tking 6 and 30 :)
Taking 28 and 74, awesome,. Thanks! =)
Taking the Antonella and Marisa icon - SO appropriate right now. :)

You totally forgot "Mischa robbed!"

Marisa was robbed indeed ftw.
snagged some
Took #28 and #57... these are cool, thanks. :)
Wandered over from idol icons and snagged 32, will credit.
Saved 2 4 27 and 34. Thanks!! <3 Will credit. Fantastic work.
Hello there!
I don't know if this is allowed, but would it be possible for me to make a request?
I saw that you have made some "Two Weeks Notice" icons, and I love and have saved them all. Would it be possible for you to make another batch from the movie? I don't have any specific scenes, I just love the movie and would like some more icons.
Thank you! :)
took the chris r one!!
hehe to 41!
I'm totally stealing!
took #11!!!
I feel weird just randomly popping in here. But I was looking for Simon icons, and I found this post, and I am now inifinitely happy.

I... want to steal 2, 4, 9, 18, 19, 21, and 56, if you don't mind? It won't be all at once, because I don't have the room to stash them all at once, but I promise to keep credit with them at all times. ^^; *goes to start saving*
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