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Pri #15 - 75 Icons

• I know I haven't posted in a really, really long time, and I apologize. For once, I don't have a massive 100+ icon post for you, instead, I have a few icons from my biggest fandom right now, American Idol.
• Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post, I never expected to get 50 comments, let alone 350+! It really felt great! I'm definitely not expecting anywhere near that amount on this post, but I'm happy with how most of these came out. I tried my hardest to have them posted by the start of the semi-finals.
• I hope you enjoy them, and to those who are watching the community that aren't fans of the show, I hope to have a batch of icons from the following fandoms in the near future (hopefully not 6 months!): Dancing With The Stars, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, SNL, The OC, The Office, and Veronica Mars.

24 Season 6 Top 24
14 Miscellaneous Contestants
15 "Robbed" Contestants
22 Judges & Ryan
75 Total

Comment with what you take and/or if you like them.
Credit either blackbird_fly and/or geeksinthepink.
Don't hotlink! Seriously, don't do it, it's just plain mean.
• Don't edit / pass off as your own / use on non-LiveJournal sites (Xanga, GreatestJournal, etc.).
Friend the community if you like what you see!
• Tell me what you think of my icons (anonymously or not) in the Icon Truth Meme!

• Past icons can be found in our index.
• Nominations are greatly, greatly appreciated (see a list of award communities in the community information)!

American Idol
Season 6, dudes! I can't believe it. We've got one of all the 24 semi-finalists, plus some of my favorites from the auditions and Hollywood, and of course, Rymon and Ryan Seacrest.

001. 002. 003. 004.
005. 006. 007. 008.
009. 010. 011. 012.
013. 014. 015. 016.
017. 018. 019. 020.
021. 022. 023. 024.
025. 026. 027. 028.
029. 030. 031. 032.
033. 034. 035. 036.
037. 038. 039. 040.
041. 042. 043. 044.
045. 046. 047. 048.
049. 050. 051. 052.
053. 054. 055. 056.
057. 058. 059. 060.
061. 062. 063. 064.
065. 066. 067. 068.
069. 070. 071. 072.
073. 074. 075.

I'm doing this a different way this time. It takes too long to list every person in every icon, and if you don't know who it is, you can always ask. :)
#55, #69, & #75: Currently in the running at idol_icontest. As soon as the challenge is over, they will be posted here.
#64: Definition courtesy of myself and my lovely TV buddy (though, she's not an Idol fan), andbeloved.

For this post only, feel free to request any Idol-related icons, any season (though, if it's a contestant I hate, and I do mean hate, I may or may not make it. There are only a few of those, so take your chances. :D)
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these are great, will probably snag more when I've formed more of an attachment to some of the contestants =)

Deleted comment

Me too! That was so cute...
Hilarity! Taking 33, 34, and 35 and will credit.
took the sean michel icon! :)
I think these are definitely your best icons yet! I really like the style of them and it looks like you spent a lot of time on all of them. And I love the font you used on the girls icons. What is that called?

And god. Blake is hot.
Wow, thanks! Please, yours are still better. I did spend a lot of time, but strangely, they came out faster than previous batches. I guess I really felt inspired?

I have to look up the font when I get home, but I'm sure you'll be on later, so I can tell you then. :)
I ♥ them!
Took 32-34. I loved those guys together, let alone alone!!
i took both of the jenry ones. 030 and 043, i believe. :)
they're GREAT!!
whooo took 3, 5, & 11. hhaha. these are funny.
Great icons!
Snagged almost all the guys and then Lakisha and Jordin. :)
OMG saving like, all of them. except for most of the girls hehe.

i think i need to start using 'hotsexual' as part of my daily vocabulary

IAN! ♥

lolz @ #62

55, 69, and 75 are all white and said BRB!... im so confused :/ did too much sex cause them to disappear?

OMG AND YOURE TAKING REQUESTS TOO?! actually, i have no specific requests, as i have no idol pics on hand, but if by chance you ever come across pics of: ryan, diana, ian, hell you know who i love. and ace.. i think you got some pics of him? BUT NOT THE ONE WITH HIS HAIR PULLED BACK ICK.

ps: i finally caught up on all your recaps, but it wouldnt let me reply to some, but basically its the same type of fangirling. "OMG!!! TOO MUCH SEX!!!!! ACEE!!!!!! IAN!! LOLOLOL @ THAT PIC, YOU DID POSTCARDS?!, OMG MY AI6 BF" etc..
Who needs icons of *ew* girls?

The ones that say BRB are entered in a challenge right now, and it's against the rules to post them before the results are announced. The challenge is over tomorrow, so I'll shoot right over here and edit them in. :D

I think my lack of Rymon icons is sad, but what can I say? They haven't had much interaction this season, aside from in my head. Hopefully tonight will change things. :D

Really? That's strange. :/ I missed your fangirly comments. :(
haha, I LOVE 27!

+ memories and also taking Sanjaya. :)
Omg these are so funny! The girls' ones are especially cute :) Taking a lot and I will credit.
Yay! Using the Melinda one! :) And the Marissa>Antonella (sp?) THANKS!!!
I love them all. Snagging a bunch, will credit.

Super job! The one with The Hotness on it cracked me up :) And I'm most definitely grabbing Blake.
4, 11, 27, 45, 50. THANKSSSS!

PRI I still cannot believe HOW robbed Rachel was. WHATTT THEEE FUUUUUUUUCKDCLKWE lol. *Bans idol*
Oh my gosh. *squeal*

Taking 26 [YES YES YES I am so glad someone made an icon of that]

35 [HAHA, I love him, but I <3 humorous icons.]




[I do not think I've ever taken this many icons from someone.] Will credit~
snagged a few! will credit! thanks!
Taking 56 and 60. Will credit. :) Great icons!
I got 26 and 34, will get more as I attach to contestants
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